International Workshop. “Age of Fracture”: citizenship, ideologies, global politics, Bologna, May 17, 2018


International Workshop

“Age of Fracture”: citizenship, ideologies, global politics

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Aula Jemolo

Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna

May 17, 2018 – h. 10,30 – 18,00

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Speakers :

Daniel T. Rodgers (Princeton University): Age of Fracture–and After; Discussant:  Marco Mariano (University of Turin)

Michael Freeden (Oxford University and SOAS – London), The lethargy of political theory: facing up to ideolonoids, clichés, and misconceptions; Discussant: Valeria Ottonelli (University of Genoa)

Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS Rome), An Holy Alliance between Nationalism and Populism? Europe in Perspective

Federico Romero (European University Institute Florence): From liberal internationalism to white nationalism: globalization’s nemesis 

Andi Shehu (European University Institute Florence): The rise and demise of international keynesism

Plenary discussion: Introductory remarks: Cristina Bon (Università Cattolica, Milan), Lorenzo Costaguta (University of Nottingham); Alice Ciulla (University of Rome Three), Marta Gara (University of Milan), Matteo Giglioli (University of Bologna)

Participants: Demetrio Antolini, Eleonora Cappuccilli, Valentina Casini, Michele Cento, Alessandro De Cola, Roberta Ferrari, Alessia Gasparini, Martina Mallocci, Mattia Mitrano, Serena Mocci, Francesco Davide Ragno, Angela Santese.

The seminar takes place in English

Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna

Interuniversity Center for European-American History and Politics (CISPEA)

Public Affairs Office, US Embassy in Rome


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